Njoyt Hand Sanitizer With Alcohol – 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel Pump with Convenient Easy Dispensing – Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Tough on Germs – 2 Pack, 500ml

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✅ KILL 99% OF HARMFUL ORGANISMS – Sanitize your hands and increase your defenses against destructive elements by choosing this gel hand sanitizer. It contains 75% alcohol to ensure max potency.
✅ CLEANSE CONVENIENTLY – Our 75% alcohol based hand sanitizer comes in a pump bottle for easy dispensing. It also dries fast, allowing you to save time and go about your tasks immediately.
✅ PROTECT YOUR FAMILY – Choose a non-irritating alcohol hand sanitizer. It’s gentle on the skin, while providing up to 24 hours of protection. With 500ml per bottle, there’s enough to keep everyone safe.
✅ GIVE THE GIFT OF GOOD HEALTH – In these tough times, we need to look out for one another. Help friends, family, and neighbors stay clean with this alcohol hand sanitizer gel.

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Searching for the perfect hand sanitizer you can trust?

Finding the right skin disinfectant has never been more important. As someone who recognizes the health threats caused by harmful organisms, you’re not going to settle for weak and poorly formulated sanitizers.

The cleansing solution that you’re looking for must be able to provide optimal protection. It should also be gentle on the skin and a breeze to carry.

Keep your skin clean and pure with the Njoyt Hand Sanitizer Pump Gel.

Washing with soap and water is the best way to clean your hands. However, you won’t always have access to a faucet and a bar of soap. Get a bottle of our instant-cleansing pump gel and stay clean wherever you go. Keep it in your car, working area, or bring it to picnics with ease.

Unlike most gel sanitizers than only contain 65% alcohol, our specially formulated skin-safe hand disinfectant pump gel has 75% alcohol. It’s quick-drying and potent, so you can use it to clean your mobile phones, desktops, steering wheel and headphones, too.

Sterilize quickly, even when you’re busy. Unlike other sanitizers that come in squeeze bottles, our cleansing gel comes in a very convenient pump dispenser.

Need more reasons to get this skin-safe and potent sanitizer? Check out these benefits.

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90 reviews for Njoyt Hand Sanitizer With Alcohol – 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel Pump with Convenient Easy Dispensing – Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Tough on Germs – 2 Pack, 500ml

    Excellent. I use this hand sanitizer at the hospital.
    I'm very sensitive to hand sanitizers. But this one is not drying like some others. I can feel my skin is soft after use.
    Your every day basic hand sanitizer, but doesn't leave my hands dry like most.
    Great for sanitizing your hands great for keeping those peaking germs at bay.
    Best hand sanitizer for coronavirus. Easy to use and keeps germs away.
    This hand sanitizer will be perfect for my classroom! Its large size and germ-killing power will save my health in this upcoming school year.
    It definitely gives me peace of mind that the kids aren't spreading germs so much. I love this sanitizer doesn't leave a sticky film nor does it burn like other brands.
    My daughter uses it in her college dorm for this upcoming school year.
    I even use this product to clean workspaces by adding a pump or two to a tissue and wiping common or high-traffic areas. A must-have year-round, but especially cold and flu season, or when the kids head back to school!
    One pump was enough for my hands and it doesn't seem to dry out your skin as many others do.
    This brand of hand sanitizer far exceeds the rest. It doesn't dry out your hands.
    This is truly my favorite hand sanitizer it's strong and it keeps your hands feeling clean and you most definitely know that it kills the germs love it use it every day.
    I have a newborn, and with all the crazy things out there I made everyone sanitize!! I keep this on my kitchen island so everyone can easily access it, and it dries quickly.
    I love this stuff!
    I have it every corner in my house it's dry quick and you feel clean after using it.
    These are great. No bad chemical smells and I loved them.
    I love the looks of these hand sanitizers. They're interesting and not sterile like most hand sanitizer bottles. The size is perfect for around the office or house.
    Advanced Hand Sanitizer Gel is great! It looks good sitting in the house and the formula doesn't make your skin dry. I would continue to buy this for my home regularly.
    Definitely the best sanitizer ever, I plan on buying lots more when I run out, its way better than the sanitizer I normally get from bath and bodywork.
    I love this product. I have the sanitizer bottles sitting around my office. They come in handy very often. Highly recommend.
    I mainly used these products in my kids' room and nursery. Very convenient.
    Lindsay Ainsworth
    Item was out of stock, but customer service kept me informed through email. Got package, one bottle was not closed all the way, so some spilled out into the package. Other than that, all is good!
    I purchased Njoyt for work because sonetimes my with customers grab my pen & I work for a bank & one of my jobs is to audit tellers. Counting cash that has been circulated everywhere & anywhere I prefer to use Njoyt immediately after.
    Makes me feel clean and disinfected!!
    Best overall feeling after use. Great product. Definitely recommend
    This is the ONLY brand I use!
    My family and I love your sanitizer. Thanks so much
    Perfect amount.
    Love this easy-to-use and JUST enough for me to keep away germs when visiting ppl or on the go
    I am so happy that my family loves using Njoyt to sanitize their hands.
    I have used this for a month and love it, it is a great product.
    I love the great scent and fast drying process, we use this all the time since we have a slobbering dog! I would definitely buy this!
    Love the design on the bottles. Great to put by bathroom or in the kitchen.
    It left my families hands feeling clean. It's a wonderful product that I'm so happy to have on my household. My family highly recommends!!'
    This hand sanitizer is so smooth and fresh feeling. Gives me a clean feeling with each use.
    I love how this product is so gentle on my skin. I use it often since I work with money all day, and my hands don't get dry like they used to.
    I absolutely love this hand sanitizer.
    I use this around the house so I don't have to use soap every time my hands is dirty.
    I like to have the big sanitizers on my counters so that anyone can use them. I am very happy with the product and njoyt is the only sanitizer I will ever use.
    Njoyt is already a good product for adults and kids, especially when you cannot wash or clean your hands.
    We have a new baby in the house, so these products came at just the right time! I am not usually a fan of hand sanitizers because of how they make my hands feel, but these absorbed quickly and did not leave my hands sticky or overly dry.
    I love the Njoyt hand santizer. They are great for work and at home.
    This product does what I expected it to.
    Works well. I would buy again
    So useful. Makes your hands clean well. Highly Recommend.
    This product leaves me feeling clean!
    I loved this one. My kids are using before go to school.
    Keep germs away! I like this product so much. Thank Njoyt
    I really like the convenience of hand sanitizer visit very dirty places such as airports, schools, etc., but I have always tried to avoid using it when possible since it dries my hands out and I don't like using chemicals on my body unless it is absolutely necessary. This product is really great though since it is much more natural than the normal hand sanitizer and it still works just as effectively. I will definitely be purchasing this product again instead of the regular version. Thanks!
    Love the size and efficient pump bottle! Have always chosen Njoyt for hand/office sanitizer!
    I will be buying this for sure in the future and yes I definitely recommend this to friends and family.
    I love the pump bottle with a quality hand sanitizer product. I use at nursing homes, schools, libraries and a hospital.
    For some reason this item is never in the stores! This is only kind my family uses.
    This is my personal favorite. It works better than the store brands.
    I enjoy using this product. The price was the best price I can find.
    Great product, good value.
    Definitely worth for the price.
    Excellent to stay clean from germs,and feel refreshed ,while busy and on the go!!!!
    Highly effective in removing germs. Alcohol rate 75% perfect!!
    This is a nice and enough size. With health issues we use hand sanitizer.
    This hand sanitizer is very fairly priced, works well.
    I like the sanitizer on the good feeling after using it was a fresh feeling on my hands and not sticky.
    Gone are the days where i could go and pick this up every month to bring with me as a home health nurse. I am happy to found on the this website.
    Need this!! I am still working through this horrible time. I need it so I am not passing along anything through the bldg to other employees when I have to move around.
    Hand Sanitizer for Sale
    Thanks njoyt. I will buy for my office again.
    Great hand sanitizer. This will get me through the pandemic. I have to rely on hand sanitizer at work and artnaturals ame through for me.
    I really like this hand sanitizer. I highly recommend this product!
    Perfect product for all my family. Now, my husband and I can have it everywhere: for our kids and for us!!!
    Excellent product very happy with it and customer service.
    Good product to have in these times of pandemic
    I am ready for corona virus now
    For quick sanitizing between hand washings.
    This a product is great for what's going on in our country right now. I found it to be powerful cleaning solution.
    Thank god I got this during the covid-19
    Great product, not too runny. Alcohol content is high enough to kill bacteria and other germs.
    I placed multiple orders. I use them at office and home. Thank you!
    This is wonderful product. Thanks
    Convenient bottles. It contains 75% alcohol, which is what we need for eliminating the COVID-19 virus.
    Everyone should be using this product, every day all the time, its just a good habit to have. Everyone needs to be germ-free not just with this crap going on right now.
    Seems to be high quality and for the amount
    Very well
    This is really a good buy
    The mask is comfortable and it fits well.
    Delivered as promised
    Perfect for me
    I absolutely love this and it is absolutely worth the price!
    I have heard of this product for a long time, but haven’t had a chance to use it until now.
    We use in hospital
    Very suitable for an emergency. Timely delivery!
    Very Good quality that I had expected.
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  1. A Alcohol-based hand sanitizer versions typically contain some combination of isopropyl alcohol, ethanol (ethyl alcohol), or n-propanol.
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    Made in PRC.

    Njoyt Customer Service
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    This hand sanitizer has no smell. The product only focuses the kill 99% of harmful organisms.

    Njoyt Customer Service
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    Product ingredients are 75% alcohol, water, glycerin, carbomer, triethanolamine

    If you need further assistance, please feel free to e-mail us: [email protected]

    Njoyt Customer Service
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    75% alcohol

    If you need further assistance, please feel free to e-mail us: [email protected]

    Njoyt Customer Service