Digital Infrared Thermometer for Adults, Kids – No-Touch Forehead Fever Thermometer

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🌡️ NO PHYSICAL CONTACT – Measure a child or adult’s temperature without pain or discomfort! This no-touch head thermometer will not bother a resting patient and helps prevent cross-infection.

🌡️ SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES – From newborn babies to seniors with delicate skin, our scanner thermometer is the most efficient and practical way to check for a fever. You can even use it on pets!

🌡️ FAST & EASY TO USE – Click the button, hold the thermometer up to the patient’s forehead, and the temperature will be displayed in 1 second. Switch between Fahrenheit or Celsius units as needed!

🌡️ ENERGY EFFICIENT DESIGN – Thanks to our instrument’s power saving features, including automatic shutdown after 30 seconds of standby, this forehead thermometer has a very long battery life.

🌡️ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We want you to be to completely satisfied. If our touchless infrared forehead thermometer doesn’t match your expectations, contact us for a refund or replacement.

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Mercury thermometers are outdated.

Nobody likes having to keep a thermometer pinned under their armpit or tongue for several minutes every time they want to check for a fever. It’s even worse for babies and young children who may fuss and cry the entire time – for good reason, considering how uncomfortable it is for them.

But there’s no longer any need to put up with all that. Technology has advanced to the point that you can get near-instant and accurate temperature readings without even touching the patient’s skin. Here’s a modern thermometer that every household should have!

Switch to a painless and more convenient alternative by trying this Forehead Thermometer by Njoyt!

Utilizing infrared technology, our forehead thermometer allows you to check a person’s temperature in just one second! No physical contact means zero discomfort, the ability to measure temperatures even when a patient is asleep, and significantly lower risk of cross-infection.

Thanks to this convenient design, our infrared thermometer is the best way to measure temperature regardless of age! You can safely use this instrument on babies, toddlers, adults, and seniors – even family pets like dogs or cats. Aside from domestic applications, our thermometer is also suited for clinics, hospitals, schools, and workplaces.

We’ve designed our product with your needs in mind. It has a long battery life and shuts down automatically and features an optional buzzer setting that triggers as soon as temperature is taken.

What else should you know about our product?

✅ LCD screen can be read even in the dark

✅ Measurement temperature range of 89.6°F to 109.2°F

✅ Remembers up to 10 readings

✅ Recommended measuring distance: 3-5 cm

Make taking temperatures a breeze. Add this Forehead Thermometer by Njoyt to your cart TODAY!

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33 reviews for Digital Infrared Thermometer for Adults, Kids – No-Touch Forehead Fever Thermometer

    Quick and easy to use, my 15-month daughter even tilts her head so I can use it on her. Definitely good value.
    Excellent product, really fast and accurate. So fast that even a fractious and very hot toddler's temperature can be taken in literally seconds.
    I need to take my temperature every day (having Chemotherapy) and this thermometer is fast and accurate. Would recommend it to everyone.
    Takes temperature reading quickly which is perfect for very small kids.
    Good reliable product! I bought this because I know many hospital clinics using this. It's easy to operate and quick to the result! Also won't disturb my baby during temperature reading.
    Easy to use, gives the reading instantly.
    All I have to say is what an awesome thermometer! Got accurate readings the first time, no more having to use three thermometers to find a true temperature!!! I currently own a regular digital.
    I am a mother of two, one infant, and one kindergartener. With school starting back up, fevers are a common occurrence in my household! Love with it from the very first use!
    I loved the product it works quickly without bothering my 3-month-old. Before receiving this I had the little thermometer in the first aid kit and it took forever my son would be uncomfortable while I stuck it under his armpit. I tried this while he was asleep.
    I love this product and will never go back to a normal thermometer again. I use it for my son who is 1 and it makes sick days that much easier!
    I have fallen in love with this thermometer it is my first digital thermometer and I love that it's very easy to use and my kid loves it because he doesn't have to wait long to get his temperature. I love it's easy and clear to read.
    I love this thermometer. I am a mom of two girls, ages 2 and 8 months. This arrived in the mail at the perfect time. My youngest daughter had her vaccination shots the day before this arrived. She started feeling warm to the touch and was acting cranky, I figured she was running a fever. So I got out my new thermometer and it takes a temperature so quickly I hardly had time to blink my eyes.
    I love this thing! When my babies are sick and I need a temp check I need to be fast and this little gadget does just that!!
    Super easy and quick results
    I have purchased many thermometers over the years and this one is the easiest to use and very lightweight and not bulky at all. It works fast which is great because children quickly become impatient when getting their temperature taken.
    This thermometer is amazing! It is easy to use, accurate, and my daughter doesn't mind getting her temperature taken now!
    My daughter was sick this week and I was amazed at how fast this worked. I recommend this to everyone!
    This is a FANTASTIC thermometer! It's so quick.
    I am very pleased with this product. I love how easy it is to use.
    This is by far the best thermometer I've used. Up until now I've always used an oral thermometer and have always had trouble getting an accurate reading when my kids are sick because they couldn't keep it under their tongues, keep their mouth closed for as long as it took, and didn't have the patience to sit still while waiting. This is so quick and easy, my kids like it so much they like to take each other's temps and mine too! Love it!!
    Great thermometer for all ages! We have relied on it for temperature Checking so I bought it. The thermometer feels great in the hand.
    This is such an awesome product. As being a mother 2 toddlers it goes to great use. My children love it I think even more than me. They run and tell me, mommy, I have a fever just so I can pull it out to check their temperature.
    Every parent needs a dependable thermometer.
    This thermometer is the best children's thermometer we have ever owned. The digital display makes it easy to decipher results... No confusion. The kids love that it is not invasive. We love and recommend this product!
    Highly recommended product! This would be great as a baby shower gift. I've unfortunately had to use this twice on my baby.
    Used at my doctors, these are quick and accurate. I wanted the same thing at home, and one for grandkids too.
    A great reliable product that is very easy to use.
    When you look at the range of thermometers there are definitely less expensive options. But, this has been the best investment. Quick. Accurate. Easy to use. Who has time to waste when a child is sick! I love it.
    This is so much better than my old digital under-the-tongue thermometer. As far as I can tell it's very accurate and it works instantly! I wish I'd ditched the old one and bought this one year ago.
    I bought this because I need to monitor my temperature for a medication I take. I used this model when I worked as a school nurse.
    I'm happy with my new thermometer, it's easy to use and shows the temperature very quickly.
    Works well. I use for my baby.
    Nowadays, it is really good to keep this kind of stuff with you. Thanks, Njoyt. For now, I have no problem.
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